The Company

Lätzsch Custom Brass is a leading trombone manufactor with thousands of clients all over the world. Years of experience and German tradition.

Most trombone players in the world appreciate Latzsch instruments for their broad sound spectrum, excellent intonation and first class quality construction.

The Latzsch company, founded in 1949, is a genuine development laboratory for instruments. Under the leadership of former owner, Herbert Latzsch, the classical German Trombone (the instrument made famous by Alschausky and now known as the Modell Kuhn), a new Bb/F bass trombone and contrabass trombone were created.

In 1979, shortly after his masters exam, Hans-Hermann Nienaber succeeded his uncle, Herbert Latzsch.

With his enthusiastic leadership there has been an increase in new developments.

Since he took office the most important new development has been the new Latzsch ‘full flow’ valves for the complete new trumpet series, the Bb/F bass trombones, the Latzsch-Cimbasso in F, the C bass trumpet (also available in Bb),  the American model bass and tenor trombone and a complete original series of mouthpieces.

Latzsch mouthpieces are renowned for their perfect balance of sound and extreme accuracy. Special attention and care has been spent on the development of the new ‘Zoltan Kiss Edition’ mouthpiece.

The Members in Our 'LätzschTeam'

They do magic with no wands. Welcome the team of top professionals that will take care of your finance.

Hermann Nienaber

General Manager

Heike Nienaber

Financial Department

Ben Cruiming

​​​​​​​Marketing & Social Media

Sven Hartwig


Ronny Hübner


Hauke Dahms